Halloween Day 1989


Halloween at Boreal Ridge Ski Area (1989)

Ah-Ha: If you wait long enough in the same place you’ll find something interesting to record. In 1989, it was the contrast of the older skier next to the young snowboarder on a double chairlift that made a special statement.

Canon F1 with Canon 300mm F4L (Kodachrome 64)

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  1. The more I look at this shot the more I love it! This shot truly captures snowboarding in 1988-1989.

    As a photographer, I typically do not provide creative titles for my photographs. Simply to avoid influencing the viewer. However, I can’t help myself with this one…This photograph could be titled “Meeting of Two Rebels”. I love how one is dressed in 1950s rebel black and shredding on the cool tool of his time…SNOW SKIS. The other rebel in the blinding 1989 neon tie-dye outfit comes prepared to the mountain showdown with the questionable snow sliding tool called a “SNOWBOARD.”

    Back in the day as grom, while driving up to the slopes I used to get soooo excited and honk my horn and throw fist pumps and shakas at every carload of snowboarders. Now on the chair lifts in Tahoe, only on the best of powder days do I hear people hooting for their fellow shredders. Now snowboarding is so diluted with the recreationalists it actually is a spectator sport for most people and not the religious lifestyle it was for all us.

    Bud, thank you for yet another amazing photograph! We all can’t wait to see more. I wish I could have caught the Aurora show…hopefully next time!

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