Absolutely Radical was the first snowboarding magazine published in San Francisco by Tom Hsieh Jr in 1985. Later the name was changed to Int’l Snowboard Magazine.

Bud Fawcett registered the domain in 2007 to be the first digital archive of snowboarding magazines.

Bud Fawcett was born in North Carolina in 1954. He randomly discovered skateboarding when he was hired by Sims Skateboards in 1979. He was introduced to snowboarding by Chuck Barfoot in 1984 and escaped to the mountains of Tahoe in 1988.

He cherishes his first top to bottom powder run at Donner ski ranch with Terry Kidwell, Shaun Palmer and Tom Sims in 1985. He draws inspiration and credits his knowledge of photography to Hank deVre, Deacon Chapin (RIP) and his experiences as a photojournalist in California and North Carolina.

Bud lives with his wife Elaine, his two children Lila and Raina, plus Milo, Bee and Julio near Portland, Oregon.

Contact Information for Bud Fawcett:  bud@budfawcett.com